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Nov 2018 Sailing to Philadelphia von Mark Knopfler
Sep 2017 "I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun" von Cat Stevens
Aug 2016 "Olana" von Marc Cohn
Nov 2012 "Everything at once" von Lenka
Oct 2012 "50 Ways to Say Goodbye" von Train
Apr 2012 Lustiges Rauchen: Volker Pöhls
Aug 2011 Songtexte zum Thema Encouragement: Sugar Babes, Bolton u.a.
Dez 2010 "Cold as Christmas" von Elton John - ein Weihnachtslied?
Oct 2007 Erstrebenswert? "Rockstar" von Nickelback
Jun 2007 Kritik an Bush: "Dear Mr. President" von Pink
Sep 2005 Krieg ist eklig: "No Bravery" von James Blunt
Sep 2005 Neuer Sinn des Lebens: "First Day of My Life"
Apr 2003 Schuften für die Eltern ohne Widerrede: "Yakety Yak"
Mar 2003 Pinks Eltern trennen sich im "Family Portrait"
Dez 2002 Songtexte zum Thema Affären mit Lehrern: Busted (That's What I Go to School for) u.a.
Nov 2002 Songtexte zum Thema Coping with crises: Sugar Babes (Stronger) u.a.
Aug 2002 Songtexte zum Thema Identität: Pink (Don't Let Me Get Me) u.a.
Mai 2002 Songtexte von und über starke Frauen: Anastacia (Paid My Dues) u.a.
April 2002 Quer durch alle Betten : Shame and Scandal
April 2002 Richard Marx singt über das mysteriöse Verschwinden von Mary in Hazard 
Februar 2002 Väter und Söhne: Harry Chapins "Cat's in the Cradle" und andere Songtexte
Januar 2002 Child Abuse Suzanne Vegas "Luka" und andere Songtexte

10 CC "I'm not in love" denying love  
Aerosmith Janie's Got a Gun child abuse (Dez2001)
Afroman "Because I Got High" drugs (Okt2001)
Aguilera, Christina "Beautiful" depression, consolation (Feb2003)
Anastacia "Paid My Dues" strong women (May2002)
Anastacia "You'll Never Be Alone" encouragement when down (Jan2003)
Bellamy Brothers "Old Hippie" adjusting to modern times  
Bellamy Brothers "Old Hippie the Sequel" adjusting to modern times  
Bellamy Brothers "Old Hippie 3 (Saved)" adjusting to modern times  
Benatar, Pat Suffer the little children, Hell is for children child abuse (Dez2001)
Bloodhound Gang "The bad touch" - Warning: Explicit Lyrics! sex  
Blues Busters "Shame and Scandal" incest,polygamy (Apr2002)
Blunt, James "No bravery" war (Sep2005)
Brandy feat. Ray J "Another Day in Paradise" poverty  
Brown, Jennifer "Tuesday Afternoon" getting pregnant  
Busted "That's What I Go to School for" loving the teacher (Dez2002)
Cave, Nick & Kylie Minogue "Where The Wild Roses Grow" murder (Feb2001)
Chapin, Harry "Cat's in the Cradle" like father, like son (Feb2002)
Cher "Strong enough" strength after separation  
Cher "The Shoop Shoop Song" signs of love (Feb2001)
Cher "What about the Moonlight" encouragement (Nov2002)
The Coasters "Yakety Yak" duties in the household (Apr 2003)
Cohen, Leonard "First We Take Manhattan" terrorism? (Sep2001)
Cohn, Marc 70 Songs melancholy (Jun2016)
Collins, Phil Another Day in Paradise poverty (Jul2001)
Collins, Phil True Colours consolation when depressed  
Crash Test Dummies "MMM MMM MMM" 3 cases of outsiders  
Del Amitri "Nothing ever happens" depression  
Donut, Alice "Lisa's Father" Child abuse/religious conversion (Jan2002)
Eminem "Stan" suicide  
Everlast "What it's like" 3 cases of social problems  
Fabian, Lara "I Will Love Again" strong women (May2002)
Gaynor, Gloria "I Will Survive" strong women (May2002)
Genesis "No Son of Mine" father-son conflict (Feb2002)
Houston, Whitney "My love is your love" deep love  
Isley Brothers "Contagious" detecting adultery (Jan2002)
Jethro Tull "Too old to Rock 'n' Roll" getting old  
Kadison, Joshua "Beautiful in my eyes" eternal love  
Kadison, Joshua "Carolina's eyes" a past love  
Kadison, Joshua "Picture Postcards from L.A." a would be star  
Kamary Phillips "5 Minutes (Waiting on Hilary)" unwanted pregnancy (Dez2001)
Kelly, R. "The Storm Is Over Now" hope after bad times (Jul2001)
Knopfler, Mark "Sailing to Philadelphia" about the two Englishmen who measured up the Mason-Dixon-line (Nov2018)
Lauper, Cindy / Phil Collins "True colors" consolation when depressed  
Lenka "Everything at once" good personal qualities (Nov2012)
Marx, Richard "Hazard" disappearance of a girl (Apr2002)
McBride, Martina "Independence Day" revenge for child abuse (Feb2001)
Melanie C "First Day of My Life" depression, hope, optimism (Sep 2005)
Mel C "If that were me" poverty, compassion  
Mike and the Mechanics "The Living Years" conflict between father and son (Feb2002)
Minogue,Kylie & Nick Cave "Where The Wild Roses Grow" insane murder (Feb2001)
Montgomery, John Michael The Little Girl child abuse (Dez2001)
Morissette, Alanis "Ironic" ironies of life  
Morissette, Alanis "Joining you" suicidal threat  
Mullins, Shawn "Lullaby" pretty and sad  
Nickelback "Rockstar" real idols? (Oct 2007)
Ochs, Phil "Outside of a Small Circle of Friends" nobody cares (Nov 2001)
Offspring, The "Why don't you get a job?" lazy partner  
Otto Waalkes "Wir haben Grund zum Feiern" nonsense  
Pink "Dear Mr. President" critcism of Bush (Jun2007)
Pink "Don't Let Me Get Me" identity, self-hatred (Aug2002)
Pink "Family Portrait" divorce (Mar2003)
Volker Pöhls "Wir haben Lust zu rauchen" Rauchen (Apr2012)
Police "Don't Stand so Close to me" affair with the teacher (Dez2002)
Riley, Jeannie C. "Harper Valley P.T.A." bigotry (März2001)
Savage Garden "Affirmation" beliefs  
Savage Garden "To the Moon and back" a hurt girl (März2001)
Searchers, The "Love Potion Number Nine" comedy: effect of love potion  
Shaggy "It Wasn't Me" - Warning: Explicit Lyrics! denying adultery (Aug2001)
Spears, Britney "Lucky" an unlucky star  
Stevens, Cat "I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun" violence (Sep2017)
Stewart, Rod "Young Turks" young runaways (Aug2001)
Sting "Big Lie Small World" comedy: love letter (Feb2001)
Sugar Babes "Stronger" encouragement (Nov2002)
Train "50 Ways to Say Goodbye" revenge for a separation (Oct2012)
Train "Drops of Jupiter" return from soul vacation (Jan2002)
Turner, Tina "When the Heartache is Over" strong women (May2002)
Twain, Shania "That don't impress me much" male braggarts  
Van Halen "Hot for Teacher" sexual affair with the teacher (Dez2002)
Vega, Suzanne "Luka" child abuse (Dez2001)
Vega, Suzanne "The Queen and the Soldier" love + death  
Waite, John "Missing you" denial of missing a loved one  
Wham "Last Christmas" unfaithful lover  
Wheatus "Teenage Dirtbag" unrequited love (Jul2001)
Zappa, Frank "Bobby Brown" - Warning: Explicit Lyrics! being a chameleon

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