Bobby Brown - Frank Zappa

C Bb C
Hey there people I'm Bobby Brown. They say I'm the cutest boy in town
Dm7 G
My car is fast, my teeth are shiny. I tell all the girls they can kiss my hiney

Here I am at a famous school. I'm dressing sharp and I'm acting cool
I got a cheerleader here, wants to help with my paper
Let her do all the work and maybe later I'll rape her

F Em Am
Oh God I am the American dream. I do not think I'm too extreme
Dm7 G
And I'm a handsome son of a bitch I'm gonna get a good job and be real rich

Women's liberation Came creeping all across the nation
I tell you people, I was not ready when I fucked this dyke by the name of Freddy

She made a little speach then uuh, she tried to make me say when
She had my balls in a vice, but she left the dick
I guess it's still hooked on but now it shoots too quick

Oh God I am the American dream. But now I smell like vaseline
I'm a miserable son of a bitch. Am I a boy or a lady, I don't know which

So I went out and bought me a leisure suit.
I jingle my change, but I'm still kinda cute
Got a job doing radio promo and none of the jocks can even tell I'm a homo

Eventually me and a friend sort of drifted along into S&M
I can take about an hour on the tower of power
As long as I gets a little golden shower

Oh God, I am the American dream
With a spindle up my butt 'till it makes me scream
And I'll do anything to get ahead I lay awake nights saying "Thank you, Fred"

F Em Am
Oh God, oh God, I'm so fantastic. Thanks to Freddie, I'm a sexual spastic
//:And my name is Bobby Brown - Watch me now, I'm going down://