(Position 2 of NDR2 Airplay charts in April 1999)

Talking Points

1.1. Who are "I" and "you" in the song ?
1.2. Would it be different, if a male singer sang the song ?
2. Summarize the contents of the song !
3. Would you say that she kicks him out prematurely ?
4. Make a roleplay: Someone takes the part of the woman, somebody else plays the man.
5. What is the underlying message of the song ?
6. Discuss the different aspects of „being strong" !
7.1. Find songs with a comparable message !
7.2. Compare "Strong enough" with "How do I live" by Leann Rimes !
8. Find out, if the song might be autobiographical !
9. Try to find out facts and figures on divorces in Germany !