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111 Rapid Fire Questions for Marc Cohn

Marc answers quickly, spontaneously.
11 times (out of 111) he can refuse to answer by saying "Next question".
But he is supposed to answer the remaining 100 questions truthfully.

  1. What is hardest when being interviewed?
  2. In interviews you always seem to be so much in control - how hard is it to be overfriendly and positive? Are you never tempted to say something negative about other people or to be impolite?
  3. Which interview questions annoy you the most? Why?
  4. Funniest experience on stage?
  5. Your worst mistake on stage?
  6. Do you like young people?
  7. Ever thought of carrying a gun for protection?
  8. Do you feel safe in the US?
  9. What did you think after 9/11?
  10. What comes to your mind when I say…
    • - freedom
    • - alcohol
    • - emancipation
    • - writer's block
  11. Your worst experiences in a hospital?
  12. What do you do, when you're lonesome on tour?
  13. Most of your songs are gloomy, melancholy. In real life you seem to be an altogether cheery person. Is the depressed Marc Cohn just a pose? Or have you changed in the course of your life?
  14. Have you ever felt suicidal?
  15. What can you recommend against being depressed?
  16. Does your humor help you cope with life?
  17. In which respect have you changed - compared to the man you were 25 years ago?
  18. If you could revise some of your decisions in the past, which decisions would you change?
  19. How did you react when you were accused of being partly responsible for your wife's alcoholism?
  20. How did you cope with your second divorce?
  21. In one blog a woman talked about her daydreams of throwing her black brassiere towards Marc Cohn on stage. Have you ever experienced such things?
  22. Is it hard to remain faithful when being on tour?
  23. Are you regarded as a lady's man?
  24. Would you like to cover "Help Me Make it Through the Night", "Never My Love", "Kiss and Say Goodbye"?
  25. Why don't you try to write simpler songs based on three or four chords, which might be more successful commercially?
  26. If you had not become a musician, which other profession would have appealed to you?
  27. What are your other hobbies besides playing tennis?
  28. What would you like to be good at?
  29. In an interview you once said, that you like any of those Philip Roth characters obsessed with sex and death. Are you somebody who is obsessed with sex and death?
  30. How does it feel to be a One-Hit-Wonder?
  31. Why don't you make a whole country song album (in the style of "No Matter What") (like Don Henley) and become successful?
  32. Other musicians (e.g. Bryan Adams) invite people from the audience to sing a duet with them. Would that be an idea for you?
  33. You call your fans "cohnheads". Is this just a play of words or does it refer to a certain tendency towards marihuana on your side?
  34. Were drugs responsible for the seeing of ghosts and the levitation in "Walking in Memphis"?
  35. Your funniest drug experience?
  36. Were you disappointed when your album "Join the Parade" was not received enthusiastically?
  37. How was your midlife crisis?
  38. Are you old-fashioned? In which respect?
  39. What is your most American trait?
  40. Do you like country music?
  41. Which 5 records would you like to save after getting shipwrecked ?
  42. Name 5 of the most attractive women you'd like to meet!
  43. 5 of the best guitar players?
  44. 5 of the best piano players?
  45. Would you like to be 20 again?
  46. Which one was your favorite decade musicwise?
  47. At what age should a musician like you stop going on stage?
  48. Was it hard to accept that you lost part of your hair?
  49. Describe your "perfect day"!
  50. Have you ever lost something important?
  51. The most impressing celebrity you have ever met was …?
  52. The best aspects of fame?
  53. The worst aspects of fame?
  54. What's the difference between you and, say, Rod Stewart?
  55. Which dead musicians would you have liked to play with?
  56. Which authors would you like to discuss with?
  57. When was the last time that you broke a law?
  58. What is "Sex and drugs and rock'n'roll" to you?
  59. What is your concept of paradise?
  60. Do you think the devil exists?
  61. You nickname your fans "cohnheads". Are there nicknames for you (coined by your children, your friends, your fellow musicians)?
  62. Why is it hard to understand women?
  63. After two divorces - are you through with women now?
  64. Do you believe in relationships with women as comrades, on a platonic basis, without any erotic undertones?
  65. Could you fall in love with an 18 year old girl?
  66. If you were an animal, which one would you be?
  67. Which is your favorite memory of your childhood?
  68. What's your advice in case of heartache?
  69. Could you sing silly love songs?
  70. The most terrible times of your life were …?
  71. Your worst mistakes were …?
  72. Old compositions of yours - why not deconstruct and reinvent them?
  73. Suppose you write your memoirs - which sensations do you have to tell and which lessons to teach?
  74. When you're on stage, how do I know that you enjoy yourself or that it feels like work for you?
  75. Have you had any outstanding encounters with groupies?
  76. How often have you said "no" when a fan wanted you to go to bed with her?
  77. Any experiences with jealousy? Are you a jealous guy?
  78. What kind of music do you detest?
  79. Have you got a secret? Which one?
  80. Have you ever had financial worries?
  81. New York is the city of your choice. What would you show a friend who does not know New York City?
  82. What do you like about Jewish humor?
  83. Your favorite joke?
  84. Your attitude towards drugs and alcohol?
  85. Has your attitude towards alcohol changed?
  86. Any bad feelings about Germany?
  87. Your secret favorite subject (apart from music)?
  88. Suppose you didn't have kids, what would your ideal vacation be like?
  89. Why did God create women?
  90. Your first CD sold more than a million times. Are you a millionaire?
  91. Do you have fans among the young?
  92. Advantages or disadvantages of being named "Cohn"?
  93. Do you think that you are a good businessman?
  94. Do you like the music your kids like?
  95. What's the main difference between you and other musicians?
  96. Are you conservative?
  97. Your most traumatic experience [apart from the shooting and the death of your mother]?
  98. What is your biggest weakness?
  99. Your nicest pastime when on tour?
  100. The central message of your lyrics?
  101. What does the "American Dream" mean to you?
  102. Do you know "Gloomy Sunday", the suicide song? Have you ever played it?
  103. Everything was better in the good old days. Do you agree? Why?
  104. Your most heavenly moment on stage?
  105. When was the last time when you should have said "no"?
  106. What was your psychotherapist's most valuable advice?
  107. An album full of songs from 1970, another one with 30 year old songs - does that mean you are a yesterday man?
  108. When will you play in old people's homes?
  109. The loneliest place on earth?
  110. Do you like to be ironical?
  111. The most original thing you can say in German?

Bonus Questions

  1. Have you ever lost you voice?
  2. Who would you like to sing a duet with? Which song?
  3. Do you envy any of your fellow musicians? In which respect?
  4. Your favorite movie?
  5. What do you prefer - a tailor made suit or a jogging outfit?
  6. The riskiest, most courageous decision of your life?
  7. Your strangest side job?
  8. Was it a mistake to lie in interviews about the good condition of your second marriage?
  9. How about marrying a third time?
  10. Are you superstitious?
  11. Do you believe in angels and ghosts?
  12. If you had the choice: How would you like to die?
  13. Describe one of your recurring nightmares!
  14. Any books that you can recommend?
  15. Name two highlights of the past year!
  16. Would your friends say that you have any quirks?
  17. How does it feel when you think of all the musicians who died this year?
  18. Do you sometimes fear that the kind of music you love has completely gone out of style, that you have become a musical dinosaur?
  19. Fans say that you are a great story teller. Have you ever thought of writing fiction?
  20. Have you ever been afraid of becoming poor, of not being able to support your children any more?
  21. Was the diagnosis "writer's block" more than just an excuse for being lazy?
  22. Are there genres (e.g. jazz) that you would like to go into but cannot because your fans would not like it?
  23. Charlie Christian, W.C.Handy, Muriel Davis Wilkins, William Bell, Ray Charles, Al Green, Mavis Staples, Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin - all of these musicians who were your idols are black. Are you a black musician caught in the body of a white musician?
  24. What comes to your mind when you google yourself?
  25. How does it feel when you google yourself and read: "Marc Cohn is Vice President of Network Strategy for The Linux Foundation based in Silicon Valley."?



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